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Let’s Talk Diamond Ring Settings

When it comes to finding the perfect diamond ring, most people often set their minds on the 4Cs -- the color, the clarity, the carat weight, and the cut. Yes, the 4Cs do matter (in fact, a lot!), but ring setting (where diamonds are mounted) shouldn’t be overlooked. A great setting can add more flair and creativity to your ring, as well as do wonders for its durability. It can also help you fetch good money when you want to sell diamonds jewelry.

Here are 5 types of ring setting you need to know. If you want to sell diamonds, these are the ones that’ll fetch top dollar.

#1. Prong

Perhaps the most popular choice, prong setting comprises a series of metal claws that give the diamonds a firm grip, holding them tightly in place. In today’s market, you can find two common types of prong setting: 4-prong and 6-prong. Either way, prongs take the backseat, leaving the diamonds to shine in the spotlight. With the diamonds lifted up, the ring is poised to look simple yet classy and always in style. The biggest downside is that they tend to snag on furniture, clothing, etc.

#2. Bezel

Bezel is the oldest type of ring setting and the second most popular, only trailing prong setting. It’s characterized by a vertical metal rim that holds the diamond firmly, providing more strength and safety than prongs. On the overall, bezel setting offers a sleek modern look and feel, doesn’t snag on clothing, safeguards the diamonds thoroughly, and is easy to maintain and clean, making it suitable for an active lifestyle.

#3. Halo

As you can infer from the moniker, a halo setting comprises a ring of tiny diamonds encircling a bigger center diamond. If you’re looking to save on your ring, a halo setting is perfect has it exaggerates the size of the center diamond, and enables you to pick out a lower-carat rock. If you have got a halo-style ring, you still sell diamonds for a reasonable price.

#4. Tension

Tension setting is so named because of the tension band of metal that holds the diamond in place. Style-wise, you can choose a thin, twisted or thick metal band. The upside of this setting is that it offers a modern, stylish look, holds the stone in place firmly, enhance the sparkle of the diamond, and is easy to maintain. On the flip-side, it’s often expensive and challenging to resize.

#5. Channel

It’s a secure way to line up tiny diamonds in a row inside the groove of the band. Channel setting offers a sharp, stable design and the diamonds are held securely and protected from the elements. However, dirt can build up in the groove and maintenance can become a hassle.

There you have it - 5 top ring settings. There’s also pave setting, cathedral setting, bar setting, flush setting, three-stone setting, vintage setting, and cluster setting, just to name a few more.

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